MultiFrequency Universal Remote Control Duplicator 868/433/315/310/303/390MHz

MultiFrequency Universal Remote Control Duplicator 868/433/315/310/303/390MHz



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Frequency copy 315MHZ 432.92MHZ-433.92MHZ 330MHZ 867.3MHZ-869.3MHZ 288MHZ 300MHZ 303MHZ 303.825MHZ 306MHZ 310MHZ 318MHZ 390MHZ 403.55MHZ 418MHZ 280MHz-360MHz385MHz-400MHz 1. FAAC 315MHz 2. Multicode 310MHz 3. Hormann 868.3MHz 4. Marantec 433.92MHz and many more see above Multifrequency Remote Control DuplicatorUniversal RF Remote Control Duplicator With Latest Program Includes: Remote, Battery, Keychain Our multifrequency remote control duplicator can be used for security systems, roller doors, shutters, sliding gates, barriers and household equipment.Frequency and code can be duplicated automatically. It can duplicate almost fixed code remote control in the market.It is easy to operate without opening the enclosure and without external programmers. You can store a code in each button even with difference frequency. For example you can store on buttons: 1) FAAC 315MHz2) Multicode 310MHz3) Hormann 868.3MHz4) Marantec 433.92MHz You need to have your original remote available, our remote will learn the code fromyour existing remote. Do not buy if do not have original remote. This is the only remote control in the market that permit to duplicate original remote control operating in following frequencies 315MHZ432.92MHZ-433.92MHZ330MHZ867.3MHZ-869.3MHZ288MHZ300MHZ303MHZ303.825MHZ306MHZ310MHZ318MHZ390MHZ403.55MHZ418MHZ280MHz-360MHz385MHz-400MHz Compatible with the following model: Company Frequency Models Photo ADYX 433.920 ALIZE EM2C, ALIZE EM4C AETERNA 433.920 TX433 1,2,4 buttons ALLMATIC 306.000 ASMX2, ASMX4 433.920 AEMX1, AEMX2, AEMX4 EUROPE AUTO ARMY1, ARMY2, ARMY4 MX1, MX2, MX4 ALLISTER 318.000 9931-318, 9931T-318 ALLSTAR 288.000 111025 Allister Pulsar Quickcode 9921T-288, 9921MT, 9921TK, 9922T-288, 9923T-288, 9931-288, 9931T-288, 9931MT, 9931TK, 9931TK6, 8831T-288, 8832T-288, 8833T-288,8821T-288, 8822T-288, 8823T-288, 8832TK 8833OCS-288 318.000 9921T-318, 9921MT, 9921TK, 9922T-318, 9923T-318, 9931-318, 9931T-318, 9931MT, 9931TK, 9931TK6, 8831T-318, 8832T-318, 8833T-318,8821T-318, 8822T-318, 8823T-318, 8832TK 110995 Allister Pulsar Quickcode 8830OCS-318 ALLTRONIK 433.920 S429_1, S429_2, S429_4, S429_M Be sure that your remote operates at 433.92MHz! S425 ANSONIC 433.920 SA 434-1E, SA434-2E, SA434-3E, SA434-4E SA 434-1MINI, SA434-2MINI, SA 434-2Midi 868.350 SA 868-1E, SA 868-2E, SA868-3E, SA868-4E SA 868-1mini/M, SA 868-2mini/M (dip switch version) APERTO 433.920 CPS1, CPS2, CPS4 APRIMATIC 305.000 TS1, TS2 AUTELCO 286-306 TX300T AVIDSEN 433.920 100601 micromark MM23164 104505 100951, 100955, 100550, 100400 B&D BnD BD 433.920 062170/4333EBD, 062171, 4333A 062162 PTX4 059120 / 059116 BANDY 433.920 BELFOX 433.920 DHS433-1, DHS433-2, DHS433-4, dip switch version DHS 433,92 (7733), dip switch version 868.350 DHS 868,3, dipswitch version HS 868-20 BENINCA’ 306.000 LOT1A, LOT2A, LOT4A LOTX1A, LOTX2A, LOTX4A LO.TX2PS 433.920 LOT1W, LOT2W, LOT4W LOT2WMS T2WK, T4WK LOTX1W, LOTX2W, LOTX4W TO.GO2WP, TO.GO4WP, TO.GO2WK, TO.GO4WK BESIDE 433.920 BEZAP HIT BETA ELETTRONICA 315.000 BETALARM 6500 330.000 BETALARM 5500 BFT 306.000 RCS 315.000 VTM1, VTM2, VTM4 418.000 GT01, GT02, GT04 433.920 TE01, TE02 ( TEO1, TEO2 ) TE04 ( TEO4 ) CAME 315.000 T312M, T314M 433.920 T432, T434, TOP432A, TOP434A, TOP432, TOP432NA, TOP434NA, TAM432, TAM434, TAM438 TOP432M, TOP434M TAM432SA TOP432SA TOP432NA TWIN2, TWIN4 CARDIN 300.000 S300 310.000 S301, S302 433.920 S476 TX2, S476TX4 CARPER 300.000 310.000 318.000 C300, C310, C318, C318T CASALI GENIUS 330.000 433.920 Genius 433 2, Genius 433 3, JA400 TM433, JA401 TM433 CASIT 306.000 ERTS92B, ERTS92T 433.920 ERTS92B, ERTS92T ERTS20DB, ERTS20DQ ERTS476D, ERTS476Q TXS1, TXS2, TXS3, TXS4, TXS6 ERTS97B, ERTS97T CELINSA 433.920 S10 1, S10 2, SAW1, SAW2 CENTURION 433.920 CLASSIC, SMART, SMART2 CHAMBERLAIN LIFTMASTER MOTORLIFT SEARS CRAFTSMAN 300.000 Chamberlain 300MC (multicode) 315.000 333LM 360LM, 362LM, 363LM 390.000 50CB, 53CB, 750CB, 753CB, 50LM, 53LM, 61LM, 62LM, 63LM, 139.53100, 139.53110, 139.53200, 139.53210 54CB, 756CB, 54LM, 64LM, 859CB 33LM 418.000 4180, 4182, 4183 4185 787 remote keyless entry 433.920 4330E, 4332E, 4333E 4335E COSTEL 300.000 Minitix CPS 433.920 TCP3, CPS, Jolly 4 CPS1 TCP3, CPS2 TCP3, CPS4 TCP3 EM1CV, EM2CV, EM4CV DASPI 433.920 Happy2, Pops2Â DEA 306.000 306 1, 306 2, 306 4 306 td> 433.920 433 1, 433 2, 433 4, Gold S1, Gold S2 Genie Punto S2 Dea MIO TD2, MIO TD4 DELMA 300.000 Apollo 300, ELSAMEC Apollo 300 Mizard 300 1, Mizard 300 2, King 433.920 Mizard 433 1, Mizard 433 2 King 433 2 Style Copy 2CH (this is a code duplicator) DICKERT 433.920 MAHS433 01, MAHS433 04 Note: we can NOT guarantee that it can be duplicated, because it depends by the receiver. S10-433A1L00, S10-433A4L00, S20-433A1L00, S20-433A4L00, S20-433A1000, S20-433A4000 Note: only RED buttons model can be duplicated! S5-433-A2L00, S5U-433-A2L00 Note: only RED buttons model can be duplicated! 868.350 HS868-21 Note: only RED buttons model can be duplicated! S5-868A2L00, S5U-868A2L00 Note: only RED buttons model can be duplicated! S10-868A100, S10-868A400, S20-868A1L00, S20-868A4L00, S20-868A1000, S20-868A4000 Note: only RED buttons model can be duplicated! DIGICODE 300.000 310.000 DC5010, DC5012, DC5030, DC5032, DC5040, DC5042, DC5060, DC5062, DC5070, DC5072 DITEC 433.920 GOL4C GOL4 Note: These transmitters are rolling code and cannot be duplicated, but if you have a GOL4C device, you can duplicate it on Four or Multi, and it works with all the DITEC receivers. BIX LS2, BIX LP2, BIX LG4 Note: These transmitters are rolling code and cannot be duplicated, but if you have a GOL4C device, you can duplicate it on Four or Multi, and it works with all the DITEC receivers. DOITRAND FDOITRAND 433.920 MPSTF2E JAUNE, MPSTF4E, HYPERPHONE MPSTF2E_GRISE TS2DE, TS4DE DOORHAN 433.920 DOORMATIC 433.920 SAW DUCATI ALLDUCKS 433.920 TSAW1, TSAW2, TSAW3, TSAW4, 124 ELBER TSAW1, TSAW2, TSAW3, TSAW4 RONDY TSAW1, RONDY TSAW2, RONDY TSAW3 TPR10-A, TPR20-A RONDY TPR10_A, RONDY TPR20_A TE2 HC6203, 6203: only blue with transparent buttons, and transparent with transparent buttons ECP 292.000 FIX 292 MHz F105611 KEY 292 MHz F106038 ELBE 433.920 501, 502, 504 502a, 504a 502, 504 ELCA 300.000 Aster 1100, Aster 1101 433.920 IRIS, IRIS 9CH. Both colors red and blue ASTER2 Aster 1000, Aster1001. Colors: black, blue, light grey GEMINI 9CH VIRGO ELEK 300.000 KTM194B KTR4 ELV CONRAD 868.350 FS20 S4, FS20 S8, FS20 S8-2, FS20 S16, FS20S16R, FS20 S20-2, FS20 S20-3 ELVOX 433.920 ET03, ET04 868.350 ET08 EMFA 287.000 ET1, ET2, ET3 308.000 ES_1, ES_2 ERONE 433.920 SETDS39433E2, SETDS39433E4 EUROPE AUTOMATISMES 306.000 ASMY1, ASMY2, ASMY4 433.920 ARMY1, ARMY2, ARMY4 S1, S2, S3 FAAC 300.000 TM300S, TM300S05 H 315.000 T1, T2, T3 330.000 TM1, TM2, TM3 418.000 TM1 418 DS, TM2 418 DS, TM3 418 DS TM 418SL, TM1 418SL, TM2 418 SL, TM3 418SL 433.920 TM1 433 DS, TM2 433 DS, TM3 433 DS TM1 433DS DPH, TM2 433DS DPH, TM3 433DS DPH TML2 433 SLR, TML4 433 SLR, TML2-433-SLR, TML4-433-SLR, TML2 433 ESL, TML4 433 ESL TML2 433 SLP, TML4 433 SLP, TML2-433-SLP, TML4-433-SLP 868.350 TM1 868 DS, TM2 868 DS, TM3 868 DS TM1 868DS DPH, TM2 868DS DPH, TM3 868DS DPH FADINI BPT 315.000 ASTRO75-1, ASTRO75-2, ASTRO75-4 433.920 433 2M, Astro43_2m Astro433-2, Astro433-4, Astro43-2, Astro43-4 FERPORT 433.920 Tac1, Tac2, Tac4, Tac1k, Tac2k, Tac4k, Tac2kr FUNKMODUL ELSECO 433.920 T433A2K1, T433A2K2 T433A2K4, T433A2K4n GIBIDI 306.000 TS2M 433.920 Open TMB 433, OPEN TMQ 433, OPEN OUT 2, OPEN OUT 4 GOBBATO 306.000 T306 GRIFFON 403.55 Griffon 404 MHz dip switch remotes and duplicating remotes 433.92 Griffon 433 MHz dip switch remotes and duplicating remotes GTO 318.000 GTO Mighty Mule 1/2 buttons, RB741, RB742 GTO Mighty Mule 3 buttons, RB743 GULLIVER 306.000 MDRQ 306 433.920 MDW 2E HAUSS 433.920 Pocket 3750-1, Pocket3750-2, Pocket 3750-4 HEDDOF 318.000 P219-1, P219-2 P220-1, P220-2, P220-3 HORMANN HOERMANN 433.920 HSM2, HSM4, yellow buttons Please note that, in Netherlands, Hoermann sell this kind of remote control which transmit a rolling code: in this case it cannot be duplicated! 868.300 HS1, HS2, HS4, blue buttons HSD2 HSE2, HSE4, blue buttons HSM2, HSM4, blue buttons HSP4, blue buttons HSS2, HSS4, blue buttons HSZ1-868, HSZ2-868 HRC 433.920 JAY 433.920 UBEI x1 SL1 UBET 11, UBET 21, UBET 31, UBET 41, UBET 61Â JCM 290.000 EC1, EC2, EC3, ET1, ET2, ET3 KEY AUTOMATION 433.920 900TXB-42, 900TXB-42N, 900TXP-42, 900TXP-42N 900TXB-44, 900TXG-44 900SUB-44, 900SUB-44N, 900SUB-44W, 900SUB-44WN 900TXK-42, 900TXW-42,900TXK-44, 900TXW-44 KING 433.920 Note: receiver should be setup withrolling code feature disabled LABEL IUPPITER 306.000 MDR, IUPPITER 306 433.920 RJW/1E, RJW/2E, RJW/4E, RJW/12E MDW/1E, MDW/2E LEB 306.000 TSA4 433.920 TMW TSAW2N, TSAW4N TCP3Â (this is a code duplicator) TRK4 Note: receiver should be configured to disable rolling check. TPW4 868.300 TPK4 LIFE 433.920 LIFE STAR2, STAR4 LIFE BRAVO2, BRAVO 4 LINCE 302.000 LE TX1, LE TX2 433.920 LR 2035 LINEAR 300.000 310.000 MULTI-CODE 308911, 308913, 1089 MULTI-CODE 412001, 414001, 109410, 109710 MULTICODE 306010, 307010, 108210 MULTI-CODE 308301, 308302 MULTI-CODE 105015 MA SYSTEM 433.920 MA TX1, MA TX2, MA TX3 MARANTEC 418.000 D212, D222, D232 433.920 D101 D12 D212, D222, D232 Digital 302, D302 Digital 304, D304 868.300 Digital 302, D302 Digital 304, D304 MCZ 433.920 Aster MEIßNER MEISSNER 433.920 LW433-1, LW433-2, LW433-4 Pocket 3750 1, 2, 4 MONSEIGNEUR 433.920 ARC2, ARC4 TDR 400 3845, TDR 400 3846, TDR 400 3847 T1SAW433, T2SAW433, T4SAW433 MOTORLINE STATEUROP 433.920 MX1, MX2, MX3, MX4, MX6 MX11, MX12, MX13 MOTOSTAR 433.920 CLIKSTAR2, CLICKSTAR4 CLICK-4M, CLICKSTAR RE 532, CLICKSTAR RE 534 NICE 306.000 EASY S1, S2, S4 433.920 FLO1, FLO2, FLO4 VERY VE NOLOGO 306.000 433.920 ECO DIP NOVOTECNICA 306.000 BIT N1, BIT N2 BIT NT1, BIT NT2, BIT NT4 OG 433.920 OG62, OG64 O&O OeO, O and O 433.920 T-COM DS 4-2, T-COM DS 4-4 OPENOUT 306.000 TS2M 433.920 TMQ 433 2, TMQ 433 4 PIAZZETTA 433.920 4 buttons for wood/pellet heater PORTAMATIC 433.920 MPH01, MPH02 POWERFIX Profi (Lidl) 433.920 RCB-A 3600R PRASTEL 306.000 NCSMT1, NCSMT2P, NCSMT4P KMFT2P, KMFT4P, KMFT2P93, KMFT4P93 433.920 MPSTF2E, MPSTF4E PROEM 433.920 ER2C4ACM, ER4C4ACM PROGET 433.920 ETY_433N2, ETY 433N4 EMI433-N2 PROTECO 433.920 TX433 EUROMATIC HIT PUJOL 288.000 JCM TRINARIO 1, TRINARIO 2, TRINARIO 3 288.000 TT1, TT2, TRINARIO 1, TRINARIO 2 PULSAR 318.000 9931-318, 9931T-318 QUASAR 287.000 Tx SA4, Serie Argento, SA 287.000 TXSA2T 306.000 300 2, 300 4 433.920 433 TANGO SLIM BLEU QUICK 433.92 Model: 302 RADIODIGIT 291.000 TBM, TCM ROGER 433.920 R80/TX12, R80/TX14, R80/TX12R, R80/TX14R H80/TX22 G80/TX32, G80/TX34, G80/TX32R, G80/TX34R SEA 433.920 SMART433_TX2_DIP, SMART433_TX3_DIP SMART433_TX2_COPY,SMART433_TX3_COPY Smart2 Dip Switch, Smart3 Dip Switch 868.350 231103, SEA868_4 231103, Head2 Dip Switch SMART868-TX2-DIP, SMART868-TX3-DIP Smart2 Dip Switch, Smart3 Dip Switch SEAV 306/330 TX1, TX2, TX3, TX4, TX1/330 TX2/330, TX3/330, TX4/330 433.920 TXS1, TXS2, TXS3, TXS4 Behappy S1, Behappy S2, Behappy S3 Be Easy TX, Be Easy Murale2 BeSmart S2, BeSmart S4 BeFree S1 868.300 BeSmart H2, BeSmart H4 BeFree H1 SECURVERA 433.920 SV R2C SV R2C SV R4C SV R6C SENDER 433.920 SENTRY MARTIN ELECTRONICS 403.550 SENTRY binary, SENTRY trinary s 433.920 SENTRY binary SERAI 310.000 OG/32 433.920 OG/52, OG/54, OG/82, OG/84 OG/28, OG/48, OG/62, OG/64 OG/02, OG/04 SICE 433.920 TX4 CLACK Bigfoot SIMINOR 433.920 ER2C4ACM, ER4C4ACM, ER2C4ACS, ER4C4ACS SKYLINK 300.000 310.000 MultiLink SD300M, Skylink 100, LD310M, SD310M 318.000 Skylink Mltilink PD-318M 390.000 Multilink CB-390M, CD-390M (versions compatible with Chamberlain) SMD 433.920 LW433-1, LW433-2, LW433-4 : AM models only SOMFY 433.920 LEB TMW SPARKRITE ? SRA2-2 STAGNOLI 433.920 ZEUS AZTR 868.350 ZEUS AZTR STANLEY 310.000 24286 1082 1050 1094 1097 STARTEC 433.920 TXQ2 STINGER 300.000 310.000 318.000 390.000 300MCD21V, 300MCD22V 310MCD21V, 310LID21V, 310LID22V 318ALD31V 390LMD21V, 390LMPB1V diff. colors TAU 315.000 250 TXA2, 250 TXA4 433.920 250 SLIM, 250K-SLIM, 250K-SLIMC 250TXD2, 250TXD4 250BUG2, 250BUG4 250T-4, 250T-4C TEC KEY 300.000 MK1010 TECNOMATIC 433.920 TQ433 TEDSEN BERNER GFA Elektromaten 433.920 SKX1MD, SKX2MD, SKX3MD, SKX4MD SKX1KD, SKX2KD, SKX4KD, SKX6KD SKX1DL, SKX2DL, SKX3DL, SKX4DL SKX1LC, SKX2LC, SKX3LC, SKX4LC SKX1SL, SKX2SL, SKX3SL, SKX4SL SKJ SKX1WD, SKX2WD, SKX4WD, SKX11WD, SKX22WD, SKX44WD TELCOMA 306.000 RCS TP2 RCST2, RCST4 433.920 TANGO 2 SW, TANGO4 SW TANGO BLUE 2, TANGO 4 BLUE, TANGO BLEU 2, TANGO BLEU 4 TANGO 2 N, TANGO 4 N TANGO 2 SLIM, TANGO 4 SLIM Telcoma Noire2, Noire4 Note: Rolling-code jumper should be removed from the receiver! TANGO WIN3 TANGO2, TANGO4 TELEMATIC 300.000 TL1, TL2 TKC 433.920 TSAW433 TONKARR 287.000 TK2 TORAG 433.920 S429 1, S429 2, S429 4 TORMATIC DORMA 433.920 HS, Dorma HS43 1E, HS43 2E, HS43 3E, HS43 4E MAHS, Siebau, Novoferm, Dorma MHS, MHS43-1 TREMA 433.920 TO93TV1, TO93TV2, TO93TV4 TUBAUTO 433.920 DIGITAL 101 433 V2 306.000 433.920 PHOENIX series: Phoenix2, Phoenix2P, Phoenix4, Phoenix4P, TXC2 Contr.47, TXC4 Contr.47, Handy2 Contr.47, Handy4 Contr.47, TRC4 Contr.47, TSC4 Contr.47 . Note:the receiver should be programmed with the rolling code feature disabled. When the code is learned, LED will blink for 6 times to highlight that the code is rolling. TCP3 TCP3, ARC3 TCP3 TPR T1SAW/433, T2SAW/433, T4SAW/433 TRR1, TRR2, TRR4 PMR2, PMR4 868.300 PHOENIX series: Phoenix2-868, Phoenix2P-868, Phoenix4-868, Phoenix4P-868. Note:the receiver should be programmed with the rolling code feature disabled. When the code is learned, LED will blink for 6 times to highlight that the code is rolling. VISONIC 315.000 WT100, WT100A, WT101, WT101A, WT102, WT104,WT-201, WT-201A, WT-201WP, WT-201AWP 418.000 WT-100, WT-100A, WT-101, WT-101A, WT-102, WT-104,WT-201, WT-201A, WT-201WP, WT-201AWP 433.920 WT 100, WT 100A, WT 101, WT 101A, WT 102, WT 104,WT 201, WT 201A, WT 201WP, WT 201AWP VSEG 433.920 CR SLIM WAINE-DALTON 433.920 S429-1, S429-2, S429-4, S429-mini S425 WECLA CDS 433.920 433, 433_2 ZULLAN 315.000 250TXA1H, 250TXA2H, 250TXA4H OEM 315.000

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Model Mutli-4
Type MultiFrequency Universal Remote Control Duplicator
MPN Mutli-4
Brand NSEE


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