Multi Frequency Rolling Code Duplicator Remote Control BFT/Beninca/Liftmaster

Multi Frequency Rolling Code Duplicator Remote Control BFT/Beninca/Liftmaster




Product DescriptionA replacement for remotes with fixed and rolling codefrequency from 280 to 868 MHz Up to 4 different remotes in ONE! Every button can be programmed as a replacement for a different brand, so using only one transmitter you can control up to 4 devices from different producers. universal multi is a replacement for fixed and rolling code remotes with the frequency from 280 to 868 MHz. the duplicator for copy rolling code remote as the following: ACM TX2, TX2 COLOR, TX4 ADYXTE4433H BLUE, 433-HG BRAVO AERFCOMPACT, HY-DOM, MERCURI B,MERCURI C, SABUTON, MARS,SATURN, ST3/N, TERRA, TMP-1,TMP-2, UNITECH ALLMATIC BROWN, BROWN RED, BRO.OVER,PASS, MINIPASS, TECH3 APERIO GO, GO PRO, GO MINI APERTO(Sommer) 4020-TX03-434, TX02-434-2,TX02-868-2 APRIMATIC TR, TM4, TXM ATA PTX4 BLU, PTX4 PINK AVIDSEN 104251, 104250, 104250 OLD,104250 RED, 104257, 104350, 654250BALLAN FM400, FM400E BENINCATO. GO. WV, TWV, ROLLKEY, APPLE,LOT WCV, CUPIDO, TO.GO. QV,IO BFTMITTO, MITTO M, MITTO RCB,MITTO A, TRC, GHIBLI, MURALE,KLEIO CARDINTRQ S449,TRQ S449 GREEN (PRECODE),TXQ S449, TXQ S449 GREEN,TRQ S486, TXQ S486, S437 TX,XRADO CASALIJA33 AMIGOGENIUS/CASALI A252RC CHAMBERLAIN/LIFT MASTER/MOTOR LIFT953ESTD, 371 LM, 971LM, 84330E, 94334CE,94333E/94334E/94335E, 9747E,1A5639-7, 1A5477, 1A6487, 132B2372,94330EML/9333EML/94335EML,84330EML/84333EML/84335EML,8747EML CLEMSAMUTANCODE, T, T-8, E-CODE NMASTERCODE MV DASPIZERO RC DEA SYSTEM PUNTO 278, GOLDR, GENIE R 273, DITECBIXLP, GOL4, BIXLG DOORHANTRANSMITTER 4 DOORMATICMILENY, MILENY-EVO ECOSTARRSC, RSE, RSZ ERREKAIRIS, ROLLER 2, ROLLER 433, ROLLER868, SOL433, SOL868, VEGA 433,VEGA 868 FAACTML 433SLH, DL 868 SLH,XT 868 SLH, XT 433 SLH, T 868 SLH,T 433 SLH, XT 868 SLH BLACK,XT 433 SLH BLACKXT 433 RC, TE433HG, XT4 433 RCBE FADINI JUBI-SMALL, JUBI 433 GENIE GITR-3, GIT, GICT390, GIFT390-1,G3T-BX, G1T-BX, GM3T, GICTD, GIFTD GENIUSAMIGOLD, AMIGO, KILOBRAVO, ECHO GIBIDI AU1600, AU1600 WOOD, AU1680,AU1680 WOOD, DOMINO JCMNEO, TWINGO, GO PORTIS, GO NORTON, KBLUE ETH-TEL01 KEY 900TXB-42R, TXB 44R, SUB 44R KING GATES CLIPPER, STYLO KLING KUA, KUA E, KUA S LABEL SPYCO LIFE FIDO LINEARMCT-11, ACT-21, ACT-22,STING RAY ACT-31,STING RAY ACT-34B MERLIN 2.0 E945M, E943M, E940M MERLIN/PROLIFT C945, C940, C943, M842, M844 MHOUSE TX3, TX4, GTX4 MOOVO MT4G NICESMILO, FLOR-S, VERY-VR,FLOR-S ERAONE (ON), ON ERA, INTI, ERGO,PLANO, ONE (ON FM) NORTONNEO, TXCDGO NORTON,GO MINI NORTON NOVOFERMMCHS, MICRO-NOVOTRON 502,MINI-NOVOTRON 504,MICRO-NOVOTRON 502,MICRO-NOVOTRON 504,MICRO-NOVOTRON 31,MICRO-NOVOTRON 51,MINI-NOVOTRON 30,MINI-NOVOTRON 50, MNHS, O&O TX, T.COM R4-2, T.COM R8-2, TWIN,TX (NEO) PECCININ TX MENBRANA PRASTEL MTE, MPSTLE, MPSTP2E, TCE, BFOR,TRQ-P, SLIM-E PUJOLATTENZIONEPOSSIBILI PERSONALIZZAZIONI NONDUPLICABILITWIN, VARIO, VARIO MARS,VARIO OCEAN, NEO RIB LITHIO ROPERNEOGO ROPER, GO MINI ROPER SABUTOM BROOVER, BROSTAR SEAHEAD, SMART DUAL ROLL,SMART-3 ROLLING CODE,COCCINELLA ROLL SEAV BE HAPPY RS SECULUX NEO SILVELOX Mhz 2007, QUARZ SAW SIMINORCVXNL, MITTOSIM433 SOMFYK-EASY, K-EASY NEW, K-EASY OLD,MITTO, KEY GO RTS, TELIS RTS,KEYTIS RTS, KEYTIS RTS NS, ALARMA SOMMER4010, 4011, 4014 TX03-434-2,4013 TX03-434-4, 4020 TX03-868-4,4026 TX03-868-2, 4022 TX02-434-2,4025 TX02-868-2, 4031 TX08-868-4 STAGNOLI KALLISTO, VENUS AV223 TAU 250K-SLIMRP, 250K-SLIMR,250T-4RP TELCOMA FM400E, FM400 TOR LIFT TORMIT4 V2 TSC, TXC, TRC, HANDY, PHOENIX, PHOX 433 VDS ECO-R, TRQ P It can copy a lot of the brand, this is only part of it Programming instructionsHow to program new remote Step -11. While pressing the button 1 of the remote, press 4 times of the button 2. Release both buttons. Now the led emits a quick flash every 2 sec.2. Press and hold the button 1 of the original remote control until our remote led will flashing every 1 second. Press the button 1 of our remote to save the code.3. The copy has been successful, after copy success, active the remote on the receiver, this action should be close to the gate opener. Press the button 1 of our remote until the led flash and go off. Then your new remote is ready to work.Step -2 For ROLLING CODE REMOTE , please program the new remote on your devices (receiver / motor ) ,program method same as your orignal remote

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Model YET2130
Type Multi Frequency Rolling Code Duplicator
Brand YET

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Red, Blue, Green, Black, Champagne, White


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