4 Pack Dantona T-T104 Replacement Cordless Battery 2.4V 700maH NIMH (BATT-6010)

4 Pack Dantona T-T104 Replacement Cordless Battery 2.4V 700maH NIMH (BATT-6010)



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We provide the highest quality batteries for the lowest price with the highest level of service. All batteries are no refurbished and passed strict quality assurance procedures such as CE, RoHS, UL, FCC and ISO9001/9002/14001 certifications Features: 1. Dantona 2.4V 750maH NIMH replacement battery 2. Cordless phone replacement battery 3. For VTechphones Compatible Models: with Dantona: — BATT-1008, BATT1008, BATT6010 with Empire: — CPH-515B, CPH515B with Energizer: — ER-P152, ERP152 Interstate Batteries: — ATEL0031, TEL0031 with Lenmar: — CBBT1008, CB-BT1008 with Radio Shack: — 23-596, 23596, 23-931, 23931, 43-221, 43221, 43-223, 43223, 43-269, 43269 with Sanyo: — CAS-D6325, CASD6325 with Uniden: — BT-1008, BT1008, BT-1008S, BT1008S, BT-1016, BT1016, BBTG0645001, BBTG0734001, DCX-200, DCX200, DCX-210, DCX210, DECT 1588, DECT1588, DECT 2060, DECT2060, DECT 2060-2, DECT2060-2, DECT 20602, DECT20602, DECT 2080, DECT2080, DECT 2080-2, DECT2080-2, DECT 20802, DECT20802, DECT 2080-2W, DECT2080-2W, DECT 20802W, DECT20802W, DECT 2080-3, DECT2080-3, DECT 20803, DECT20803, DECT 2080-5, DECT2080-5, DECT 20805, DECT20805, DECT 2085, DECT2085, DECT 2085-2, DECT2085-2, DECT 20852, DECT20852, DECT 2085-2W, DECT2085-2W, DECT 20852W, DECT20852W, DECT 2085-3, DECT2085-3, DECT 20853, DECT20853, DECT 2085-4WX, DECT2085-4WX, DECT 20854WX, DECT20854WX, DECT 2088, DECT2088, DECT 2088-2, DECT2088-2, DECT 20882, DECT20882, DECT 2088-2PT, DECT2088-2PT, DECT 20882PT, DECT20882PT, DECT 2180, DECT2180, DECT 2180-2, DECT2180-2, DECT 21802, DECT21802, DECT 2180-3, DECT2180-3, DECT 21803, DECT21803, DECT 2180-4, DECT2180-4, DECT 21804, DECT21804, DECT 2185, DECT2185, DECT 2185-2, DECT2185-2, DECT 21852, DECT21852, DECT 2188, DECT2188, DECT 2188-3, DECT2188-3, DECT 21883, DECT21883, DECT 3080-2, DECT3080-2, DECT 30802, DECT30802, DECT 3080-3, DECT3080-3, DECT 30803, DECT30803, DWX207, DWX-207, WXI2077, WXI-2077, WX12077

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Refund will be given as Money back or replacement (buyer’s choice)
Compatible Brand For Sanik, For Dantona, For Energizer, For Interstate Batteries, For Empire, For Alcatel-Lucent, For AT&T, For RadioShack, For Sanyo, For Sony, For Uniden, For Vtech
Model BATT-6010
Type Replacement Cordless Battery 2.4V 700maH
Capacity 700maH
Color Green
Brand Dantona
Voltage 2.4V


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